Karina Gonzalez

Karina has been dancing since she came out of the womb and she never misses a chance to dance. She began her transformation in 2014 and has been dancing ever since. Her first two years of dance training were consumed with ballroom dances and technique including foxtrot, waltz, Cuban motion, swing, samba and much more. For the past four years she has concentrated her dance studies in Latin dances including salsa, cumbia and bachata.

She has performed with several organizations including Salseros-LA and Queer Latin Dance LA She holds a degree in Journalism from Humboldt State University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She intends to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who will use dance to help survivors of trauma through their journey of recovery. She has personally benefited from the healing powers of dance and expression of the self. She encourages everyone (no matter age, gender expression or body ability) to get on the dance floor and express their soul through dance.