Perhaps you’ve always had an interest in dance, but you’ve been too nervous to dance in public. One of the best ways to get you on the dance floor, is to sign up for private lessons!  Here’s what you can expect from lessons with Lenny

Unlike a group dance class, private lessons ensure that you are working one-on-one with the instructor of your choice. Once your teacher has identified what your goals are, he/she will teach you the material that will be most appropriate for your needs. The amount of detail and technique your teacher can dive into in a private lesson is much greater than that of a group class. That’s because in a group class there may be up to 20 or more student that need help, and so the teacher’s time is split amongst them. If you want to improve quickly and have the right technique, you will enjoy private lessons.

Because private lessons are typically taught one-to-one or two-to-one, your teacher will have a lot more time to work with you individually Moreover, you can use these sessions to pick their brain and seek dancing tips without hesitation. Your teacher can give you an idea of how specific steps and moves should “feel” while you practice together, and is the perfect opportunity to get proper feedback from your instructor. Your teacher will have sufficient time to find out your “problem areas” and give you specific techniques to improve them.

Because you’re working one-on-one, your instructor can help you identify areas where you can make improvements as you learn, which will lead to faster progress. Your lessons will change and adapt to what your needs and progress are. Everyone has different goals, body types and learning styles. Private lessons will take those things into account and customize the lessons for you. You don’t have to have a specific “problem” or focus to take private lessons, but it helps to talk to your teacher about your goals and keep an open line of communication.


Some people prefer to get over their “two left feet” individually with an instructor, rather than in a group around other students.  Individual lessons help you develop the confidence to not only join a group class setting, but get out on the dance floor at social functions.

Taking private lessons is very convenient. While group classes are normally scheduled on set days and times, private lessons can be scheduled at a time that is convenient to you.  Because the class is tailored to your specific needs, you can choose which style of dance to work on.

Many times, mental blocks are the thing preventing you from reaching your goals on and off the dance floor. In a one-on-one setting, the teacher also gets to know you as a person and can help you develop emotionally as a dancer.  You will see the benefits in all areas of your life! You’ll be dancing your heart out in public (not just in front of the bathroom mirror), and you’ll find yourself approaching many things in your day-to-day with much more optimism and confidence.


Book your lesson TODAY! In-person 1:1, couple, group and specialty classes available. Contact us and we’ll see about accommodating something that works around your schedule!